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The Marseille Soap has multi purposes uses and it is totally biodegradable, requires little packaging and its manufacture is environmentally friendly.
No added colorings, no solvents, no preservatives, no added fragrances, no chemical additives, solvent free


Recommended by dermatologists for dry and most sensitive skin and for skin that cannot tolerate soap and synthetic cleaning bases.

As a stain remover
To rub a stain before washing makes it easier to remove than with synthetic detergents for example shirt collars.

Preventing moths
let a “slice” of Marseilles soap in your wardrobe to repel moths.

Preventing cramps
A cube or a piece of Marseille soap put at the end of your bed will relieve cramp and rheumatism.

For first aid
Marseille soap can be used for cleaning small wounds and grazes.

As toothpaste
It is very good for the gums and leaves teeth clean and white.

As a Garden spray
To prevent for infestation, to clean up your plants.

As a multi purposes Household cleaning products
To clean all kind of surfaces, of flooring, and materials (leather, paint) to remove grease and all kind of stains.
You can replace a dozen specific chemical householders cleaning products.
You save money and preserve the Planet.